DOIs for blog posts

I’m new to DataCite DOIs, but exploring how we can apply them to institutional blog posts. Is anyone else doing this? I’d be particularly interested to know if you are applying the DOI directly to the blog post, or to a metadata record, and whether you’ve had any internal discussions about blog URL stability before beginning.
Finally, is anyone aware of a plugin that would work with the WordPress platform to automate DOI minting?
Many thanks for any comments or help
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Hi and welcome, @HelenW!

DataCite DOIs can definitely be applied to blog posts.

In fact, we use DOIs ourselves on the DataCite blog! We have been using the resourceTypeGeneral “Text” with the resourceType “blog post”.

The DataCite blog uses WordPress, and we register these DOIs individually through the DataCite Fabrica web interface. I’m not aware of any WordPress plugin for automated DataCite DOI registration, though if you find one, please let us know!

Here is another example from the blog for The Commonwealth Fund:

And one more from the DINI (Deutsche Initiative für Netzwerkinformation) blog:


So, Martin Fenner, who’s been up to some pretty cool stuff with scholarly blog posts. AFAIK He’s been working with InvenioRDM to build an archive just for these kinds of posts. He’s also been talking about how useful it could be to have DOIs attached to each blog post. Martin’s also been looking at different ways to make this whole thing work, like how some other big-name academic resources do it. But, he’s also pointed out that there are a few hurdles to get over, like figuring out the business side of things and deciding on a standard format for archiving these blog posts​​.

Here’s the really exciting part: Martin has started a project called “Rogue Scholar” to make this idea a reality. It’s an archive just for science blogs that kicked off in April 2023. At the start, it was pretty basic – science blogs could sign up and get added to the archive in just a couple of days. And it’s already getting some traction!. So, it’s clear that there’s some real momentum behind the idea of creating a system for attaching DOIs to blog posts and archiving scholarly blogs in one place​​. Isn’t that awesome?


Thanks @KellyStathis, that’s really helpful to see the DOIs in place on the blog posts, and to know what resource types you’re using.

Thanks @SofiSmith, I wasn’t aware of Martin Fenner’s work so that’s been a really interesting read - particularly to see Rogue Scholar.