DFG-OECD Vocabulary Mapping - Open for comments

A large number of DOI metadata deposits do not include standardized subject classification metadata[1]. In response to the lack of standardization, Datacite has begun mapping different subject classification vocabularies to a common vocabulary (Revised FIELD OF SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY (FOS) classification in the Frascati Manual [2]. One of the many vocabularies yet to be mapped is the DFG Fachsystematik [3]. Re3data uses the DFG Fachsystematik to classify data repositories. A Taskforce, with members from DataCite, re3Data, and the Make Data Count project, was formed to tackle this problem. The Taskforce has now developed a candidate correspondence mapping between the DFG Fachsystematik and the OECD FOS classification to enable systems integrations, individuals, or organizations to map resources classified to the DFG notations to EOCD notations. This mapping would form part of the other mappings DataCite uses to standardize subject classification in the DOI metadata deposits.

Access the Candidate Correspondance Draft below. The comment period is open until 2021-09-29T22:00:00Z.


  1. Are You There, Metadata? It’s Me, the Bibliometrician
  2. https://www.oecd.org/science/inno/38235147.pdf
  3. DFG, German Research Foundation -

I only stumbled upon this mapping now. We have developed the web application Cocoda to manage mappings between classification. DFG Fachsystematik was already supported, so after addition of FOS classification I could import the mapppings into our mapping database. See here for the mappings in Cocoda. You can log in with your ORCID or GitHub account to vote on individual mappings and to create new mappings as well. Comments on how to improve review process and functionality are also welcome.

P.S: DFG labels are partly in German, we need to add English labels as well.

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Hello Jakob, thank you for your comment! We actually looked at Cocoda as one of the first options for mapping the vocabularies. Now that FOS was added, it would be great to import the mapping.

However, we mapped FOS and the classification used in re3data, which is an older version of the DFG Fachsystematik. In preparation for the mapping, we have already looked at the differences between the old and current versions of the DFG Fachsystematik, and I’d be happy to help align the mapping with the current version after the comment period. (Maybe other members of the task force would also join in.)

I have both the German and the English labels of the DFG Fachsystematik, provided by the DFG. I’m happy to share them with you if you are interested.

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Thanks! Just point me to a CSV file or similar form of DFG Fachsystematik so I can convert and import it to Cocoda and BARTOC.