DataCite - Use of controlled vocabularies and authority control (examples)

Hi DataCite community,

in the last Open Hours there was a short introduction to a road map entry Link regarding the use of controlled vocabularies.

After the Open Hours a short discussion with Martin Fenner followed. DataCite recently implemented the OECD Fields of Science (article “Making the most out of available Metadata”, which is already very helpful. The discussion also addressed the topics standardization and flexibility and we decided to move the topic to the PID forum.

It would be interesting to hear from the DataCite community, which other controlled vocabularies or authority controls are used in their institutions and how they are consider while filling out the metadata for DataCite.


A use case from our institution was indtroduced by scholars, who wanted to search for research data from projects which use similar controlled vocabularies. This was intended to foster interdisciplinary research, e.g. linking data from different faculties working with a specific vocabulary (e.g. GeoNames). The use case helped to combine data from linguistic projects as well as climate research projects and projects from geography / geology. All projects used GeoNames and data from all projects could be combined, linked by this identifier.

A specific linguistics project made use of Wikidata, GeoName, Glottolog and other identifiers while collecting data. This was an information, that the researchers als wanted to put in the description of the DataCite Metadata. One idea was, to include it under methods or technicalInfo, like “This project made use of WikiData, Glottolog and GeoNames while collecting the data.”