DataCite -> ORCID import

Does anyone know how long it should take for a DataCite DOI to show up in an ORCID profile, assuming the resource includes the ORCID ID in one of its resource contacts?

We want to encourage our data publishers to enable automatic import of their datasets into their ORCID profiles, but I’m a bit unsure of the workflow. I know that you need to enable import on both ends, i.e. ORCID and DataCite, but are there any limitations? Should all records be imported?

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Hi @ dnoesgaard

The ORCID auto-update is enable via a DataCite Profiles account. Researchers can connect their ORCID profiles and automatically update their ORCID record when their ORCID iD is included in the metadata of a newly registered DOI.

Auto-update will only trigger for findable DOIs registered or updated after the user enables the auto-update. To trigger ORCID auto-update for existing DOIs, you will need to make an update to one of the following fields:

  • Creator
  • RelatedIdentifier
  • FundingReference

You can find more details here: DataCite Profiles

If you have examples where this is not working as expected feel free to send them over to and we will investigate.

Have a nice week!


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Hi Mary,

Thanks for the explanation. This is very useful.

Would any change to a creator be enough? Would it be possible to e.g. remove a nameIdentifiers entry for one’s ORCID and then add it back? I’m thinking of the simplest way of forcing an update when you don’t actually have any changes to do.


Hi Daniel,

Yes, that should work. Any change to the three properties listed should trigger an event data reprocessing.

Kind regards,

Thanks, will give it a try!