DataCite Metadata Schema 4.5 RFC: Deadline extended!

We extend the deadline of the Request for Comments on the DataCite Metadata Schema 4.5 until 31 October 2022.

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Hi @paul.vierkant

I have seen a few exciting changes in 4.5, but I am wondering, in terms of uptake of the new release, What’s the expected adoption rate?

I imagine platforms and repositories must allocate resources to implement the change. I am aware that some platforms still mostly use schema 3. Are there any dissemination plans to drive the uptake of schema 4.5? and has any repository or platform committed to implementing it already?

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Hi @raxik76460, thanks for asking this! We can measure adoption of the new properties and controlled list values using our REST API. Of course, we know that it takes time for platforms and repositories to adopt new schema versions—and not all properties will apply in every case.

We have plans to promote metadata completeness in general. For example, even though the Subject property has been part of the schema since its inception, approximately 59% of DOIs have Subject metadata. We’d love to see this closer to 90% for new DOIs! Also, part of our dissemination plan is to continue working with our Service Providers to encourage adoption of new schema versions in repository platforms.

I should also note that at some point, we will stop supporting schema 3 (likely around the time we release schema 5, or shortly before/after).

Could you elaborate on the “stop supporting schema 3” comment? Do you mean that the metadata won’t be accessible and deposits won’t be possible?

I would also be interested to know which service providers (or other platforms) are committed to implementing the new version.

Thanks for sharing


Thanks for the reply @KellyStathis

That is true with other properties. Distribution in 4.5 is different, right? Most, if not all, DOIs would have a Direct Object that the landing page is referencing. Potentially metadata deposits in all past versions (major and minor) can share Distribution metadata.

Do these efforts include the transition of repositories that currently deposit metadata in 3.X to use DataCite’s approved service providers?

It would be interesting to learn more about how DataDite creates uptake of this change.


When we retire a schema version, metadata will remain accessible but deposits will no longer be possible.

All service providers are committed to implementing schema 4, but not to a specific minor version (any 4.x is valid). We leave it up to the provider to decide which properties to implement, because this varies depending on the platform’s user community.

Yes, the proposed Distribution property is widely applicable! It would be appropriate for repositories to include it for previous metadata deposits.

We will work more closely with remaining schema 3 users as schema 5.0 starts to take shape. I think we’ll need to work out whether it will be easier for schema 3 users to move straight to 5.0—in which case, we’d support schema 3 longer to facilitate that transition—or if we encourage them to move to schema 4 first.

What I can say with certainty is that we won’t do anything abruptly! Schema 3 users will have ample notice and time to make changes. That said, if you can move to schema 4 now, it’s certainly a good idea to do so to take advantage of newer properties.