DataCite DOI: where to put volume # of a Report

Hello all, my institution published reports in various series, with DataCite DOIs.
I’m wondering where best to set a crosswalk between our library platform (with custom field for volume #) and the DataCite schema for Volume (and sometimes issue). SeriesInformation? Though that seems to be being replaced by RelatedItem. These reports are standalone, so Related Item is not really what I’m looking for.
Thanks for any advice! Ff

Hi @FfionB, I think you could use RelatedItem for this and consider the related “item” to be the series itself. For example:

    <relatedItem relationType="IsPublishedIn" relatedItemType="Collection">
        <title>Series Title</title>

A couple notes:

  • For the RelatedItem resource type (relatedItemType), “Collection” can work but we don’t have one for Series. You could also select “Other”.
  • Note that the volume and issue here are properties of the resource for which you are registering a DOI relative to the RelatedItem—they aren’t the volume/issue of the RelatedItem itself.

All that said, this is an aspect of the schema we hope to improve in a future version; you’re right that a series isn’t exactly a “related item”.

Hi Kelly, ok thanks for the tips. And clarifying what the volume/issue covers, I was unsure on that. That’ll work until any updates are made :grinning:

While you mentioned that SeriesInformation seems to be replaced by RelatedItem, SeriesInformation is still part of the DataCite metadata schema as of my last update. This element is suitable for indicating the series to which the report belongs. You can include volume and issue information within this element, especially if your reports are published as part of a series.