DataCite code examples

There’s been some discussion over in the PID developers category about code examples showing how to use DataCite APIs for tasks like batch creating/updating DOIs and retrieving account information.

To make these and other DataCite-related code examples easier to find, we encourage you to tag your Github repositories with the topic datacite. For instructions, see Classifying your repository with topics .

Looking for code examples? See datacite · GitHub Topics · GitHub

Note that DataCite does not maintain, support, review, test or endorse these code examples. Please refer to the usage instructions and license terms in each repository, and raise any issues with the code author(s).

We’ve also added this info to the DataCite support site - see Code examples in Github

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I don’t know if the intention is to also collect a more curated list under this thread, but I now have a handful of Jupyter notebooks (Python-flavoured) here:

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