Crossref survey and annual meeting

We have our Crossref Annual meeting ’ Crossref LIVE19: Have your say’ coming up in Amsterdam on 13 and 14 November. It’ll be an interactive meeting, asking participants to think about key questions such as:

  • Who, ultimately, does Crossref serve?
  • What should Crossref’s product development priorities be?
  • What (if anything) would be missed if Crossref went away? (i.e. what’s our central value)
  • What does ‘community’ really mean and how should Crossref work to better balance opposing priorities?

If you’re interested in attending, you can read more and register here:

A lot of the content discussed in the meeting will be based on the responses we get to the ‘Value of Crossref’ survey we’re currently running: We’re gathering broad input on what you think we’re doing well, whether we’re on the right track strategically, and how we can improve. So even if you can’t come, we’d still love you to share your ideas and opinions in this way!