Connections from Data Management Plans in DataCite

One of the exciting new capabilities in Version 4.4 of the DataCite Metadata Schema is the capability to create unique identifiers (DOIs) for Output Management Plans, i.e., resourceTypeGeneral = OutputManagementPlan. This new resource type recognizes that research outputs can include many kinds of resources beyond just data: journal articles, software, computational notebooks, presentations, etc. and that research plans can document all these types.

Now is the time to develop consensus practices for OMP metadata so that we can take advantage of tools like the PID graph. Some recommendations at Connecting DMPs and Research Outputs in DataCite Metadata — Metadata Game Changer.

Comments and suggestions welcome!

Excellent thoughtful work, Ted! If there is demand, I’m happy to map these OMP metadata elements into RDF using the SPAR Ontologies once ‘common practice’ has settled down and become established, by revising our old DataCite-to-RDF mapping, while at the same time bringing that mapping up to date with DataCite Metadata Schema 4.4.


Thanks. Sorry I missed this reply… When was the last update of DataCite to RDF? Sounds interesting…