Communication, support, feedback channels

As DataCite refines our communication, support, and feedback channels we will use this space to answer any questions or gather feedback about our activities.

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Our open hours call today (July 2019) focused on communication and the various modes we use to communicate. In our slides we mentioned “usersnap” and we had a question about what that is… Usersnap is a tool that allows users to quickly send visual feedback to At the bottom of our website, fabrica, and other applications you will see a feedback iconimage

If you click on the icon you can then highlight something on the page, add a comment, and hit send. This then goes to

We also want to encourage all members to update the information about their organizations, contacts, and billing information. It is super simple to add and fun :grinning: Simply go to and click on “settings”

This information is super important for us to communicate with you.

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Hi @Trisha, thanks for the update.

During the open hours callI I forgot to mention one thing that I miss: reference/issue/ticket numbers on support requests—is there something like that in the pipeline?


Hi @dnoesgaard

We are currently reviewing our help-desk system and looking at other options, including Salesforce, which will be our new CRM.

Thanks for the feedback !

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