Communication Comes From Community

"Who is the DataCite community?":thinking:

This simple yet fundamental question is answered in Paul Vierkant’s latest DataCite blog post, talking about communication, key stakeholders, and the process of stakeholder mapping.

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So is “the community” equal to the sum of stakeholder groups? What are the stakeholder groups? Is “repositories” a stakeholder group?

Yes, the community is equal to the sum of the stakeholder groups.
The infographic is to show the stakeholder groups and the interaction between all stakeholders involved on a high level.

The first layer of the stakeholder groups contain

  • members (who themselves run repositories which are not a stakeholder but an intermediate service between members and researchers);
  • policy makers whose policies (which are not a stakeholder but the product of the policy makers) either influence researchers or repositories;
  • integrators;
  • collaborators who also develop standards (that as a framework influence repositories).

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