Change to resourceType requirement?

We’ve very recently been seeing errors with attempting to update DOI metadata at DataCite that appears to be a problem with the resourceType metadata. We haven’t changed how we’ve been doing things since we set this up a few years ago, so it seems the requirements on the side of DataCite have changed, but I can’t find documentation of this.

Our understanding was that the controlled vocabulary resourceTypeGeneral term was required, but that the free text entry for resourceType was not. Our mappings are set up not to require the free text entry (not all our objects have this). But objects that lack the free text term are now failing to update. Is the free text term now required? I don’t see any change to this affect documented in the change log for the metadata schema, but I’m also no longer seeing a specific mention that the free text term is optional like I’m sure I’d seen in the past.

Can someone clarify please so we can get this all working again? Thank you!

Hi Amy, thanks for raising this! Indeed it’s very strange, as there have been no changes on resourceType requirements on our side.
Could you send an email to, including what DOI updates are failing and the exact responses so we can take a closer look? Thanks!