Canonical DOI lookup

Hi all,

This has probably been answered before, but so far I’ve not found a good answer.

Is there a canonical DOI api lookup that can provide metadata (specifically, title, author, publisher and published date) for a DOI? Bonus points if it allows searching on title and author.

Issue I’m having is that there appears to be no one api that provides a complete list, so I’m looking at chaining DataCite, Crossref, EBI and a few others, with a screen scrape backup. This seems like a non-ideal solution. provides URL resolution via API, but nothing more than that.

Any thoughts?

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Thanks Marcus - I’m flagging this to @lizkrz and @KellyStathis who may be able to help

Did you try the DataCite GraphQL API? I think that it might be your best bet. Unfortunately, it is not perfect yet…

Thanks tagging me, @alicemeadows! @mapkyca, I think content negotiation is an option here: DOI Content Negotiation

This will enable you to fetch metadata for DataCite, Crossref, and mEDRA DOIs from the DOI itself.

For example:
curl -LH "Accept: application/vnd.citationstyles.csl+json"

The DataCite GraphQL API is also an option, but has more limited coverage as it does not yet include all Crossref DOIs. You can get a sense of the coverage through DataCite Commons through the “Registration Agency” filter in the sidebar.


Thanks! That was fantastically helpful.


Fyi, I wrote a quick wrapper library for this, hopefully someone will find useful: GitHub - mapkyca/doilookup: DOI Lookup tool - resolve DOIs to basic metadata