Call for (more) Proposals for RDA PIG IG in April

We are planning to hold a Persistent Identifiers IG session at the next RDA plenary, P17 in the week of April 19th.

Building on the recent study by FREYA that showed we all need to more to be inclusive and encourage wider participation, we have proposed a theme of "PIDs of the world unite!”. We would like to reflect a more global perspective, hopefully encouraging speakers and projects that we have not heard from before.

We will use a lightening talk format with speakers each given 5 minutes to make their points.

We have already submitted our proposed agenda to RDA (see here: Proposal submitted for virtual P17 | RDA), but there is always room to consider adding additional speakers and topics. If you have ideas for presentations that you would like to hear or like to give then please let me know. We would especially like contributions from people who have not participated or presented before.


#PIDapalooza21 speakers this is a great opportunity to share a mini version of your sessions with more PID people!