Building online communities

Hi folks,

Does anyone recall mentioning a group that is pushing information out on how to build (online) communities - something to do with the AAAS? PID Commons? @eric_olson was it you? Can you point me to any additional information about this?


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Oh, I remember - I think @eric_olson was talking about

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Yes, that’s what Eric mentioned, would be great if he could get us in touch :slightly_smiling_face:

Yep, sure can. Standby. In the meantime, her twitter feed andblog have loads of good info.


Here is a little more context.

The organisation is mostly spearheaded by Lou Woodley. They have funding from Sloan to support their program for the next few years and each year they will be selecting about 30 people who will meet 2 —3 times a year to do workshops on community building and through that build up a curriculum and resources to help both them and others.

Lou is DC based, but originally from the UK and is extremely generous with her expertise.