Best practices for identifying organizations that provided funding for open access publications

Hi all,

At LYRASIS, which is a consortium/membership organization and administrative home for multiple community-driven initiatives, we are wondering if anyone out there has already established best practices for using PIDs to indicate which institutions have provided funding for specific open access publications, in situations where the funding was contributed by multiple organizations. We have a few programs that we manage that are designed to pool funding from multiple institutions to fund specific open access publications (such as UN SDG and OACIP).

So, while LYRASIS does provide grants to institutions through our Catalyst Fund and we have a Crossref Funder ID (, we don’t necessarily want to have publishers use our Crossref Funder ID in their metadata, since technically LYRASIS has not funded the publication but has rather served as the organizing body for allowing multiple organizations to pool funding. So far we have a few thoughts:

  1. Perhaps we could get separate Crossref Funder IDs for each of our programs (and then indicate contributing organization ROR IDs in the Funder ID metadata?) and then ask the OA publications that were funded to indicate the respective Funder ID in their metadata?

  2. Should/could we use each contributing organization’s ROR ID in the “funded by” metadata for each OA publication that was funded?

Or, is there a better way? I would love to hear everyone’s thoughts on this. Thanks!


Great question Sheila - @Rachael has Crossref given any thought to this?

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It’s a good question. The funder registry isn’t really aimed at collecting information on individual programs - we know there are some in there and it’s difficult to curate these over time and manage additions/deprecating these.

We do have funders who’ve joined Crossref to register grants with us, the schema does support multiple funders being related to a specific project (related to a specific grant). We’re working on some changes to the schema to include things like APC as a funding type, so digging into different use cases is something we’re doing already and would be happy to chat about the work we’re doing with you.