Are you ready for PIDapalooza 2020? Save the date!

On 29-30th January 2020, somewhere in Portugal yet to be determined, PID people shall gather again for the fourth open festival of persistent identifiers. Your conference directors this year are @Helena, @mariagould, @a.meadows, and me. Please save the date (and post here with any good venue ideas or of course any questions)

Feel free to use the above image in slides too!


And don’t hesitate to reach out if you want to get involved! It would be great to have local hosts help us with the event and we’ll also be looking for reviewers to help us put the program together!


This year, again, you’re backing up to the ALA Conference in Philadelphia, January 24-28, which could create issues for participation.

Yeh the timing will never please everyone - there are other events the weeks before and after this too - but the group polled seemed to favour these dates.