April 27: ORCID US Community Showcase Webinar #6

You are invited to join the ORCID US Community for our 6th “ORCID US Community Showcase” webinar on April 27, featuring insightful ORCID adoption case studies from Rutgers University, the Smithsonian Astrophysical Observatory, and the University of Arizona.

ORCID US Community Showcase Webinar #6

Our past ORCID US community showcase webinar recordings (#1-5) can be found in our ORCID US Community YouTube channel:

  1. ORCID US Community Showcase (Sept. 12, 2018. Featuring: University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, New York University, Boston College, Cornell University, and the University of Virginia)
  2. ORCID US Community Showcase # 2 (Jan. 30, 2019. Featuring: University of North Texas, University of Minnesota, and University of Iowa)
  3. ORCID US Community Showcase # 3 (May 2, 2019. Featuring: North Carolina State University and University of Texas Southwest Medical Center)
  4. ORCID US Community Showcase #4 (Sept. 24, 2019. Featuring: University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, Florida State University, and Mississippi State University)
  5. ORCID US Community Showcase #5 (June 4, 2020. Featuring: University of Rochester, Pennsylvania State University, and Stanford University)

If you have questions about the session or about ORCID in general, feel free to contact me at sheila.rabun@lyrasis.org.

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