Add temporalCoverage to geoLocation in metadata

I am interested to get your feedback on my proposal to add temporalCoverage to the existing geoLocation in the DataCite metadata schema.

The detailed proposal is available at:

I am especially interested in your answers to:

  • Is this extension useful for you?
  • Do you currently use of the ‘dates’ field to provide this information?
  • Would you prefer as implementation a temporalCoverage connected to geoLocation or an additional dateType option in the dates section?

Please use DataCite’s Form for your Feedback: Portal Feedback - Metadata Schema Suggestion Survey

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I’m looking at suggestions we’ve received to start planning schema 5.0, and I’d like to revive this discussion!

We’ve received lots of feedback that it should be possible to indicate temporal coverage separately from spatial coverage. Suggestions have pointed to, Dublin Core, and other standards as precedent here.

We have also received some other requests to have a date range associated with a specific metadata field, to indicate when that field is applicable. In @Stockhause’s use case, this field is GeoLocation; but we’ve received similar suggestions for Subjects and Creators.

So, I’d like to throw two questions out to the chat room:

  • Do you have a use case for temporal coverage as applied to the entire resource?
  • Do you have a use case for “dates applicable” for a specific metadata field (e.g., GeoLocation, Subject, Creator)?

Thanks in advance for your input!