Webinar: Data Maturity Indicator

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Currently, the DataCite Metadata Schema does not provide an explicit property to link/store information on data maturity (e.g. FAIRness or quality of data/metadata). The AtMoDat project team [1,2] drafted an extension to the DataCite Metadata Schema to host such information. This extension is denoted as “Data Maturity Indicator”.

We would like to present the Data Maturity Indicator and discuss it before we submit it to the DataCite Metadata Working Group. For this purpose we will offer a webinar on the Data Maturity Indicator.

Date and time: 2020-07-01T14:15:00Z2020-07-01T15:00:00Z

Details on the webinar are provided at www.atmodat.de/p/dmi_webinar/ . The webinar will be held in English and no registration is required.

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The AtMoDat project team

[1] DKRZ + TIB

[2] https://www.atmodat.de/

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